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Introductory course (uniforms included, 6 sessions) for $74.99

Starter Course (recommended for children 1 private session, 1 group lesson) for $19.99

8th degree black belt KWANMUKAN, 8th degree black belt KANGDUKWON, 6 degree black belt CHANGMOOKAN Taekwando, 7th degree degree black belt United State Jujitsu Federation (USJA), 3rd degree black belt USJJS traditional KODOKAN Judo, Chairman of the referee council for USA Karate Federation


Jiu Jitsu Training


Judo Training


Aikijutsu Training


Korean Karate Training

The Professional Martial Arts Academy

Do you want to know how to defend yourself? Or maybe you are looking for an interesting hobby? If you are anywhere in Akron, OH, David Ames Karate LLC is the martial arts academy for you! Here is more about our services.

What We Do

We are a martial arts academy specializing in jiu-jitsu training, judo training, Aikijutsu training, Japanese karate training, children Okinawan weapons training, adult training, family training. We are experienced in teaching martial arts classes. You can always learn more about our classes and services, on our Services Page. Turn to us if:

You Want to Defend Yourself

The reasons why people should learn martial arts are numerous: to keep physically fit, to reduce stress, to learn the philosophy behind them, but the most important reason for many is to learn self-defense. Whether you are living in a dangerous neighborhood or you want your kid to be well prepared for the dangerous streets, ours is one of the martial arts schools that can help you master self-defense. Experienced martial arts can boost the confidence of any trainee as well.

Our Training Methods

All karate martial arts classes and other martial arts classes are provided with a lot of professionalism and always the right techniques. We believe that, in order to teach every kid or adult, we must have the right approach to every fighting style, different moves, and techniques.

Looking for a dependable martial arts academy in Akron, OH? David Ames Karate LLC is the right one for you. Give us a call now!

Client’s Testimonial

by Tomas Z. on David Ames Karate LLC

The professionals of this martial arts academy are great! They help me learn how to defend myself and thanks to them, I feel more confident.

martial arts academy

David Ames Karate LLC
Address: 335 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave Akron, OH 44310
Phone: (330) 928-4800
Additional phone: (330) 257-7178

  • Jiu Jitsu Training
  • Judo Training
  • Aikijutsu Training
  • Korean Karate Training
  • Japanese Karate Training
  • Children Okinawan Weapons Training
  • Adult Training
  • Family Training

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